Monday, June 17, 2013

Just married !


On June 14th 2013, We got married ! I knew my husband and I couldn't afford the wedding of MY dreams right now so we decided to go to city hall and save up money so we can have a huge wedding in a year or so. I didn't expect much being that we were going to city hall I figured it was going to be blah but it was actually a great experience I wouldn't change our decision to get married at city hall for nothing! Everyone in the place was so excited and the chapel was actually beautiful Even though we were in and out in about an hour it was great. I was glad I was able to share this special moment with my daughter and family, it was really emotional. Once we got out of the chapel we were greeted with "congratulations" by a room full of strangers waiting for their turn, it was cute lol. After telling everyone how our experience was i made everyone want to get married at city hall lol. My husband will be 21 and I am 22 but we look like we are 16 so we got sooo many stares and someone even had the guts to come up to us and ask, when we told them our age they still didn't believe us. When I was pregnant with our daughter I would get stared at, talked about and people would come up to me to give me nasty comments because I looked 15 and pregnant ( some people can be so judgmental) but when I told them I was 21 no one believed me and if they did I would still get judged. Whatever. Anyways back to the topic, we were so happy and excited to officially be a family. Next step, Air Force! My husband begins his process into the Air Force, he can not wait. We can't wait to see what else life will bring us.

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