Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby. Engaged. Air Force

Lets go back in time a little. In 2009 i started dating this amazing guy that i knew my whole life, my mother and his aunt were best friends so my siblings and i were always at their family parties, i don't remember ever really speaking to him at all i just knew who he was. One day i received a friend request on Myspace (back when Myspace was popular). So i accepted his request and long story short we started dating a year later. Three and a half years later we found out i was pregnant! Definitely wasn't  planned, we were careless young adults (20 years old) who swore it wouldn't happen to us. Anyways 9 months later our daughter Kaylie Marie was born. We both were determined to finish college, he wanted to become a New York Police Officer and i wanted to be a Physical education teacher.

    Now lets fast forward a little till few weeks ago. Jason and i are now engaged, He will be joining the AIR FORCE :) scary right? When he first told me he wanted to join i wanted to cry lol. After a lot of researching and making sure this is really want he wants i was okay with it. Don't get me wrong I'm  still scared! Ive heard stories and have had family in the military who i barely got to see because of the traveling that comes along with being in the military but i also saw what a great life and experience they had. I love the idea of traveling but scared of how hard it will be on our daughter when she gets a little older. I am a HUGE family person so being away from my family will be a tough one but i think we will be fine. I hope i find wives who are in my situation or newbies in the Air Force who can fill me in on what to expect! Ahh so anxious and scared!

Oh and by the way I'm new to blogging if you couldn't tell lol ( please excuse my horrible grammar)

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