Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diy Elmo Decoration (Sesame Street Party) On A Budget!

   Hello everyone, hope all is well! For my daughter's first birthday i did a Minnie Mouse party since she loved the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Now my daughter LOVES Elmo, she goes crazy when she sees Elmo. So for her birthday i decided to do a Sesame street party but mostly Elmo. Since my husband has left for Air Force Training (he missed her birthday :/ ) we have to save as much money as possible to buy everything for our new place. I am a Huge DIY (do it yourself) person, so why not make it instead of buying it?. so my plan for this party was to not go as crazy as the first party lol. So i set myself a budget and tried sticking to it! my goal was to stay below budget for decorations, games, goody bags and etc. My budget was $100.00 because i was expecting about 25 kids so if you have less kids your budget should be way less. i know many people would love to save as much as they can for their child's birthday party so i wanted to share how my daughter an Elmo party turned out!

   First, i was lucky enough to find a party store going out of business! i scored these really cute hanging ceiling decoration's and more. i started extremely early since the store was going out of business i grabbed everything Elmo. Around October i was able to find an Elmo Halloween bucket that i used for both Halloween and her party at the same store.( picture below)

    I want to be completely honest on the prices so here is how much i found these decorations for..

  • Jumbo letter banner - $4.00  (reg. price $7.50)
  • Swirl ceiling decorations - $3.00 (reg. price $6.00)
  • Table cloth $2.50 (reg. $5.00) still too much, not sure why i bought it lol
  • Elmo and friends napkins 50 cents x3 ( reg. price $1.00)
  • streamers 50 cents x2 (reg. $1.00)
  • Elmo Halloween bucket $4.00 (reg. price $7.50)
Total $15.00 + tax

Next, i found these cool sticker books, coloring book and snack containers at one of my FAVORITE stores Target! i found them in the dollar section that is usually in the front of the store. the sticker books and coloring books were a dollar each and the container was $3.00 each. i bought a sticker book for each kid (20 kids), 3 coloring books (two for prizes and 1 for arts and crafts) and two containers for prizes. i plan on playing about 4 games so i finished with prizes. 
Total $29.00 +tax

So i spent about $44.00 on all the Elmo stuff above. Now time for creating! last year i did a HUGE goody bag for each child filled with snacks, toys and candy this year i wanted to do something different. So i decided to make these cool party poppers. i got the idea on Pinterest from birthday express. really is to do and the kids will love it! i saved a bunch of rolls for a two months. This project cost me $3.00. all you need is tissue paper OR gift wrap , ribbon and tape. Here's how my poppers came out :)


Now we are at $47.00, so excited and still under my budget!!

Next i decided i didn't want to hire a clown and i needed to keep the kids occupied and entertained so i came out with an Arts and Craft table. When the kids entered they needed to find their name card and in front of their cards each kid had sesame street coloring books. I made the name cards with my Cricut and the coloring books were made at a friends job :) The name tags are availble at kayliemp


Yummy Cookie Monster Bar

 My daughter had a cookie monster balloon in the house from when she went to a Sesame street show so i used it to decorate the table. I then cut out "cookies" and a "cookie bar" sign out of brown paper. To store the cookies in i used cookie jars, glass vases and any glass jars that i found around the house. i purchased different types of cookies so everyone had many options to choose from. i waited for the cookies to go on sale and spent about $20.00 

For Centerpieces i used my cricut to make the characters and used Styrofoam to hold it up. i found these red pail at Walmart for 60 cents! i already had Styrofoam but if you don't you can find a long sheet for maybe $4.00. this project cost me about $3.00

              These party centerpiece characters are available for sale at

for the cake table i used party streamers available at any party store or most discount stores for about $1.00. i twisted the streamers to give it a nice look and used a "happy birthday" sign i purchased a while back ( as described above) then i created these Medallion sesame street hangers which are available at my shop kayliemp 


Pinata time

the pinata cost me FOUR dollars. I purchased 2 tissue papers ( yellow and pink), two Elmo ballons and i used old boxes

Total Cost $80.00 +tax

I did not have this party at my home but have i done so i'm pretty sure i would have spent wayyyyy less. to spend even less money on other things such as food i had a few family and friends cook something and went to my local Kmart and found juices and soda for less then $2.00

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cute BMT letter ideas

Hello everyone! My husband and i have been together for 5 years now on the 25th of January and married for 7 months so i wanted to make him an Anniversary card using my favorite gadget my CRICUT! Oh and Valentines day is right around the corner so i figured why not send both?! I didn't want to send two separate letters so i made them tiny. They came out so cute, i'm in LOVE. 

check my previous post for another cute BMT letter idea!

Hubby left for Air Force Basic Training week 1

Hello everyone! as i mentioned in previous post my husband joined the Air Force. My husband was suppose to leave January 7th but in NYC their was a arctic Freeze and flights were getting canceled all day when it was his turn to board the plane was delayed for three hours. He must have been in the airport for five hours, i could only imagine how tiring that is. He however did not get to fly that night because it was way to late and he would have arrived at San Antonio about 1 am so his group canceled their flights and couldn't get shipped out till the 9th so its been about 2 weeks since i last seen him which sucks. We have a 22 month old daughter so it was even harder on us, i cried the first two days lol. My daughter asks for him every now and then, shes still too small to understand. I have pictures of all three of us all over so she won't forget what he looks like (even though i doubt that would happen). Since he's been gone i got to speak to three times, the first day he got there, that Sunday which is when i received his address and just recently but only because there was a Bat accident on base so they allowed everyone to call their love ones to reassure everyone that they are okay. It definitely gets harder each day but i keep myself busy so the time flies by. I wrote to him the second i received his address and thought it would be so cute for me and my daughter to kiss the paper so he could have a little piece of home :)