Friday, June 7, 2013

Do it yourself Minnie Mouse party favors.

My daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse so for her 1st birthday i of course wanted to do Minnie Mouse theme. Everyone i knew was throwing a Minnie or Mickey party so i wanted to change the color up so i did lavender, white and a bit of silver! I purchased some things from Etsy and everything else i made my self. 

 this project below was the most challenging one. For the past 4 months I've been saving baby food jars, yes i said it baby food jars! you can do sooo many things with baby food jars. Its a very long process!
                                                      ~ Things you will need ~
                                                            -Jars ( i used baby food jars)
                                                            -Styrofoam balls (2 sizes)
                                                            - paint or spray paint
                                                            - pop sticks
                                                            - tooth picks
                                                            - candy or whatever you want to fill the jars
                                                            - (optional) customized sticker

 After cleaning them out i spray painted the lids silver, drilled a hole in the middle and hot glued the lollipop stick into the hole then i spray painted all the balls (FYI if you choose to spray paint be careful because it eats up the balls!) i attached the ears with tooth picks and hot glued the head to the stick. I purchased the stickers on Etsy (link is below). Make sure you buy the smallest size sticker, if not it wont fit and will look sloppy.

Contact me if you have any question!


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